Different Paragliding options as per time spend in air

Paragliding sessions in Bir Billing

Machaan Tent - Bir Billing

Machaan Tent -- Per Night stay for two guests including Dinner and Breakfast is INR 4500/- Evening trek to Nearby

10 to 15 min Short Paragliding session in Bir Billing

Short Paragliding session is for 10 to 15 min in air and activity take 1-2 hrs to complete whole activity.
10 to 15 min session
1 Guest

15-30 min Paragliding session Bir Billing

15-30 min paragliding session in Bir Billing Himachal Pradesh. Operational from October to June Long flights available in Oct  to
15-30 mins
Bir Biling

30-45 Min Medium Paragliding Session

30-45 min paragliding session in Bir Billing Himachal Pradesh Operational from October Mid Dec to Mid Feb - May  
30-45 min Paragliding session
Bir Biling – Hotel Paul Manor

45-60 min Long paragliding Session in Bir Billing

45-60 min paragliding session in Bir Billing Himachal Pradesh Long flights available in Mid Oct  to Nov and Mid Feb
45-60 min
Bir Billing

2-3 hrs flying Bir to Triund

Longest flying session at Bir Billing, In his flying guests can fly till Triund with pilot wit weather condition is
2-3 hrs
Bir to Triund
Our Tour Packages for Bir Billing adventure

Packages of Camping, Trekking, Paragliding and Cycling

Machaan Tent - Bir Billing

Machaan Tent -- Per Night stay for two guests including Dinner and Breakfast is INR

Machaan Tent and Hanuman Garh Trek

  3 days 2 nights packages in Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh. Two nights stay in
3 Days / 2 Night
Bir Billing

Hot Water Spring Trek and Camping

Full day Hot water Spring Trek and Camping at Camp Oak View in Bir Billing.

Camp Oak View, Bir Billing

Camp Oak View is located in Oak forest at 5 km from paragliding landing area
2 Days and 1 Night
Camping and Paragliding at Camp Oak View and paragliding in Bir Billing, package Bir Billing

Packages Bir Billing, Himachal

Paragliding, Camping at Camp Oak View, Dome tents at Billing,hotel stay and trekking options at
2-3 Days
Bir Billing, Himachal

Camp Oak Dome tent stay Paragliding Package

Dome Tent stay Paragliding at Bir Billing. Dome tent stay Paragliding  in Bir Billing, Himachal
1 night Stay
Bir Billing, Himachal

Guest House and Paragliding

Paragliding Session and Guest house stay at Bir Billing Guest house stay and 10- 15
2 Days and 1 Night

Camp Oak View for Camping and Paragliding

Book Your slot in advance for comfortable stay at Camp Oak view and Paragliding with
2 Days / 1 Night
Bir Billing

Hotel stay and Paragliding

Hotel stay, Meals, Paragliding at Bir Billing. Hotel located near monastery in Tibetan Colony area.
2 Days / 1 Night
Paragliding, Trekking, camping and other adventures at Bir with volvo buses from Delhi

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Questions about Paragliding in Bir Billing

Paragliding Season details

Tandem paragliding at Bir Billing open from October to June and subject to weather conditions. Any can fly without any prior experience, once can enjoy amazing views of Kangra valley, Oak forest and snow covered peaks of Himalaya’s. No previous training required.

Can I fly with my family and friend in paragliding ?

There is only one guest can fly with one paragliding pilot. Guests fly one by one with their respected pilots as per wind conditions and all have different flying time. No one can fly with wife, kid or pet animals.

Use of Mobile Phones & Cameras during Paragliding?

Guests can carry mobile phone , valets with them during paragliding flight but you can hand over to pilots during flight for safety . One can also use their camera and phone for photography but carefully as its unsafe to use it in air.

Photo & Video options during Paragliding?

Pilots offer guests optional photo and video of GOPRO with HD quality. Once can pay to pilots for GOPRO video INR 500 and DSLR pictures for INR 200/- from pilots.

I have more questions about Bir and paragliding !

What happens if it rains or snow on the day of paragliding?

If Paragliding team decide wind and weather is not appropriate for paragliding, you will be informed before paragliding flight. This is sometime last minute decision for safety of Paragliding pilot and guest flying along.

One can reschedule its flying to next day or cancel it and get full refund.

I have no previous experience of Paragliding?

Most of the guests travelling have no prior experience and this is perfectly fine. Pilot flying with you is certified from Himachal Tourism and experienced. Pilot will brief you thoroughly before you take off of Paragliding.

Can my family watch me fly in para glider?

Other members visiting Bir Billing and not doing paragliding can wait at Paragliding landing area. Landing area have view of Takeoff  point and have many eateries around.

Pick-up Point & Transport ?

Hotel Paul Manor is Pick up point at Chougan Chowk at Paragliding Landing area diversion point. We offer complementary 16 km drive to paragliding take off point from Hotel Paul Manor.

Landing is somewhere 1.5 km from Hotel Paul manor. This 1.5 km is leveled walk through Tibetan colony area having lot of café’s. Monasteries and Tibetan colony

Age & Weight allowed for Paragliding?

Weight limit at Bir Billing for Paragliding is 25 to 90 kg for normal flying  and weight limit increase or decrease as per weather conditions at Bir Billing

Take-off & Landing points at Bir Billing?

Guests need to run for couple of steps during take-off in slope of Billing,  glider fills with air and makes glider carry weight of gusts and pilot both during flight in air.

At landing guests need to follow pilots instruction to keep your legs properly for safe landing at Bir.

What to bring or carry for Paragliding?

Dress up as per weather condition on the day of Paragliding. Proper shoes, jacket and long pants for all weather conditions. One can wear cap, Sunglasses as per your preference for Paragliding at Bir Billing.

Hot Water spring in Bir Billing

Hot Water Spring

Trek to hot water Spring is 15 km drive and 6 km trek one ways. Trek is easy and start from Hydroproject Tatani. Hot water spring is kanown as Tatani and surrounded around with forest of Oak, Rhododendron, Deodara, Broun Oak and Pine. Water stream crossing mid way of trek. One can take a dip at Tatwani hot water spring in a small pool.

Monasteries in Bir Billing area

Monasteries in Bir Billing Valley

Bir is home of many Tibetan Colony area. Tibetan colony area is Tibetan settlement at 2 km from Bir. Now Tibetan colony area is  Tourist main attraction. Most of the hotels and guest houses here. Paragliding landing area is start of Tibetan colony area and Hotel Paul Manor is last point. Monasteries in Bir and neary by as “Palpung Sherbling Momastery, Monasteries in Chountra, Tsering Jong Monastery, Dear Park institute, chokling monastery and few others.”

RajGundha Village Trek

RajGundha village Trek

Trail to Raj Gundha village start from Camp Oak View and passing through tribal village, trek is easy to moderate. Trek is 16 km and takes 6-8 hrs. Raj Gundha village is considered tribal and semi-nomadic as villagers live for 6 months here and spend half of year in lower villages as RajGundha experience heavy snowfall and harsh winters. Village open for tourists from Mid March to Mid December. This trek and camp is organised by Camp Oak View and Travel Bir Billing also include trekking at the end of Trip.

Camp Oak View offer packages of mountain biking trekking and camping in Bir Billing Himachal Pradesh

Hnuman Garh Trek - 360 view

Trekking to Hanuman Garh from Camp Oak View

Trek start from Camp Oak View, Trekking to Hanuman Garh involve 18 km drive and 12 km trekking which is easy to moderate start from Billing. Altitude gain from 2400 mts to 3300 mts of sea level, trek is considered as moderate as last 4 km is though trek and view is 360 from top from Hanuman garh. Dhouladhar mountain range, tribal villages, snow covered peaks one side and Billing Paragliding, Kangra valley on the other side.

paragliding in Bir Billing

Paragliding in Bir Billing

Bir Billing is best place for paragliding in World and open for tandem paragliding as well. Bir Billing offer paragliding session from 10 minutes to 2 hrs or 5 hrs paragliding air time. price varies from INR 1500 to INR 15000.

For Paragliding one have to reach at Hotel Paul Manor at Chougan Chowk, Bir which is paragliding landing area diversion point. Park your vehicle, fill paragliding form and leave to paragliding launch site in our vehicle. Drive is 16 km from Hotel Paul Manor with our experienced Pilots. Reach at Billing at 8000 feet for Paragliding Launch. Fly and get areal view, experienced pilots tell about history and points in valley to visit from air. Land at Bir paragliding landing site which is located in Tibetan colony area extended to 1.5 km providing variety of Cafe’s. Monasteries, and handicraft shop. Reach Hotel Paul Manor which is last point of Tibetan colony area.

Adventure END.

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