30-45 min Paragliding session (2-3 hrs)
Bir Biling, Himachal Pradesh
Medium Paragliding Session.

Medium paragliding session of 30-45 minutes at Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh.

Season for Paragliding is Oct to Mid Dec and Mid Jan to Mid June.

Blogs of Bir Billing.

Special Offer Book at INR 5000/- for medium paragliding session.

LOCATIONBir Billing, Himachal Pradesh.
FIRST SLOT 1000 hrs in summers and winters.
TIME DURATION30-45 min flight – Takes 3 hrs to complete.
WEARComfortable clothing, any laced boots, jacket and sunscreen.
Professional PilotParagliding gears
30-45 min medium Paragliding session /flight.Transportation from Bir to Billing- 16 km/1 hr.
Complimentry videography
Travel insurance.
Paragliding weight limit is 25-90 kg, if weight is between 90-115 kg the paragliding team charge INR. 500/- extra and also decide it at the time of paragliding, depending upon fitness of person.
Travel insurance covering medical evacuation, hospitalization, baggage insurance and trip cancellation.
Bir Billing.

Bir Billing is Best site for Paragliding in India and considered 2nd best in world. Paragliding at Bir Billing is considered safest destination for paragliding due to its geographic conditions here. Best for medium paragliding session from Oct to May month.

30 to 45 min Paragliding session.

For longer session need very good pilots to provide amazing experience and provide view to different flying zones as to near by villages in Bir Billing valley.

Our Paragliding Team is Travel Bir Billing having all professinal pilots. Mr Arvind is Chief flying instructor – one of the top pilots of India and 3 times national champion. Team is well experienced and licensed from Himachal Tourism. equipment used by Travel Bir Billing Team is proper checked and as per standard operating procedure.

Equipment is important part of the paragliding adventure safety. Good equipment is very safe in all wind conditions. Experienced paragliding Team is key for safe and wonderfull experience in air during medium paragliding session with Travel Bir Billing. Choose our Team for safe experience of Aerosport paragliding in Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh for paragliding.

Paragliding activity major factors for safety:-

Equipment: – Paraglider, carabineers, Harness, helmet, lines are major saferty factors.

Paragliding is the most important part of paragliding as this is your wings in the air and most concern of safety during paragliding. It does not mean a good clean glider and color means a glider is healthy for flying. There is a specific life of a glider, which is considered as 300 – 400 flying hrs, which means a glider can fly safer till 300 – 400 hrs, after that its canopy is starting spoiling and getting loose, its strength and ability to hold air in it decrease day by day.The glider is attached to you with tiny lines or ropes and these ropes are tied with a glider with knots, but old glider is not able to take lord at the point of knot and lines disconnected with glider if any extra stress on it. Mostly good teams at Bir sell these gliders after 200-300 hrs of flying or use these gliders for training purposes. But some purchase these gliders and fly till bad end of it. These pilots who fly with old gliders purchased these gliders at a lower prices and take risk of guests life and charge a low price for paragliding here at Bir Billing.


Equipment called Carabineer is hard metal equipment that connects ropes or lines from glider with you or your harness (where you seated or tied). Healthy carabineer can take the load to may tons on it, whereas its life is short. This is the most important part as it’s your connection with your wings or glider. Sometime paragliding pilots use old a Carabineer, sometime they use carabineer of a solo paraglider (solo paragliding carabineer take the load of one person only and have less safety factor), once pressure on the glider its break and you are in trouble.  The carabineer is taking the load as dead weight and Forces Generated weight – when it is normal flying as no much turns, just fly from takeoff to landing, it’s as dead weight as no extra force applied on it and fly with same weight through paragliding flight. But if you need to turn it or do some acro, stunts or flips, which increase the force on carabineer and put extra weight, this is the time when week carabineer collapse and accident happens.


The Harness is the equipment that is attached to you and tied so that you do not fall during your paragliding flight, Harness provides you the space to sit during flight and provide you a comfortable and safe flight unless buckles on it and its strength is a week.


Helmet at your head provides safety to your head. This is a compulsory part and must for all tourist and pilots safety.

Lines or ropes

Lines or ropes connecting you and glider, these ropes are thin and tiny. A paraglider has many thin ropes connected with the glider to harness. So the strength of it is very important. A Regular check is required for each rope at a regular interval of time. These ropes help in maintaining body weight and balancing weight on a glider.








Additional information

Minimum Requirement25-90 kg of weight
DatesOct – May
Dificulty LevelEasy

Reach Bir : Registration - Fill liability forms

  • Meet with Pilots at Bir- Office or meeting point.
  • Getting ready
  • Leave you extra stuff at office or at our hotel
  • Carry phone to get GOPRO video, if opted
  • Sunglasses, if carrying
  • Jacket – Billing is windy area

Board Vehicle with pilots


16 km/ 1 hr drive

Drive to Billing which is paragliding take off point, Up hill road with mountain curves

Gear up for Paragliding flight


Wait for wind

Wait for thermals or suitable wind for flying.


Explore Bir valley and mountain around from air

Land at Bir

Land at Paragliding landing area at Bir in Chougan

Collect video and pictures

Collect pictures and video’s to your phone, if opted for those

Adventure Ends!

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paragliding from best place in India is Bir Billing