Safari to RajGundha and Barot – Full day.

Safari to Raj Gundha and Barot

Safari to Rajgundha and Barot Valley – Full day.
Alto Car – 2-4 guests is INR 4500/-
Innova Car – 5-7 guests is INR 5500/-

Trip to Chota Bhangal Valley for Bir Billing

Safari Route.Bir to Billing to Channa to Raj Gundha to Badagran to Barot to Bir.
Heightest point. 9000 feet from sea level.
Duration.Full day – 7-8 hrs.
Meeting point.Camp Oak View or From hotel where you stay (if in Bir area) or Chougan Chowk.
Time to start.0800 hrs in Morning..
Transportation.Vehicle depend upon number of guests – Alto – 2-4 guests, Innova 5 to 7 guests.
Trip Duration.Full day trip from 8 am to evening.
Meals.Not Included but options on the way.
View.Snow caped Dhouladhar Mountain Range of Himalayas, Thamsar Peak, Tribal villages of Chota Bangal- Raj Gundha, Badagran, Nahlota, Kothikod and Barot. Kangra Valley till eye sight. Best View from this trek.
Vehicle Charges.Alto car/ Swift from 2-4 guests @ INR 4500/- and Innova car for 5-7 guestS @ INR 5500/-.

Itinerary for RajGundha and Barot trip – Full day.

Morning drive to Billing (18 km/ 45 min)

Morning meet us at 0800 hrs at given meeting point (Camp Oak View or Your stay location or Chougan Chowk/)
and Drive to Billing which is paragliding take off point. Morning views are clear and one can see far view of flat Kangra valley in front. Later resume drive again.

Drive from Billing to Channa (6 km/ 45 min)

Billing to Channa is 6 km drive and drive through narrow roads till Channa takes 45 min to 1 hour, drive to highest point 9000 feet from sea level. There is Maggi point where tea and Maggi available. Valley changes here towards Bhangal valley and have both side view from Channa mod point. If you want to do small trek then trek for 30 min to reach Saptvadini temple and Channa ridge for close view of mountains for amazing picture point.

Drive from Channa to Raj Gundha (6 km/ 30 min)

Downhill drive to Rajgundha village. Village is tribal and old traditional houses surrounded by dense forest of Devdara and tosh. Rajgundha village located at 8000 feet from sea level. Spend some time here visit village and around to see old styled houses.

Drive from Raj Gundha to Kukkar Gundha (2 km/ 15 min)

Resume drive passing through Kukkar village. Village has one forest rest house and few houses.

Drive from Kukkar Gundha to Badagran (4 km/ 30 min)

Drive from Kukkar Gundha to Badagran is 4 km and there is new bridge over Uhl and has one old suspension bridge known as “Ghatse ka Pul” along new bridge. Cross Uhl river and drive through farms reach Bada gran. This valley is famous for organic vegetables. Vegetables from here exported to nearest state Punjab. Badagran is last bus stop and bus road ends here. Bus route ends here. Nahlota and Kothikod are villages enroute. Kodikod has a vegetable Mandi.

Drive from Badagran to Barot (20 km/ 30 min)

Baragran to Barot is 20 km drive and few village settlement all along the road. You can see Rajgundha valley on the other side of Uhl river. Barot is known as heaven in Himachal. Village Barot is surrounded by valley full of thick Devdara and tosh forest. Uhl river Fresh water favorable for Tout fish and Barot is known for fresh water Trout fish. Barot has a water reservoir for India’s 1st hydroproject by British Col Betty and Raja Joginder Singh. There is rest house of Punjab Electricity board named Col. batty rest house.

Hydroproject built here in 1926 which is still under Punjab Govt. The toy train route established till Jogindernagar and afterthat there is pully based route built to carry heavy machinery till Barot. Machinery for hydroproject imported from Britain. Still you can see the rail trolly nammed “holliage trolly” route till Barot. Only one streach from Jogindernagar to Winch Camp Operational and rest is abundant now. You can purchage Tout here and carry with you to cook at Bir where you stay.

Drive from Barot to Bir (50 km/ 2-3 min)

Barot to Bir is 50 km and takes 2 hrs to reach. Reach Bir by evening and rest for rest of day left.


Meet us at Chougan Chowk, Or Pick you from Hotel where you stay or from Camp Oak View .


Time to Start is 0800 hrs .


Meet driver and get briefing


Be ready before time with - Small back pack (bag) carrying Jacket, Cap, water bottle, spare socks, umbrella, proper sports shoes, hiking stick .


Drive is 105 km and takes 7-8 hrs to complete whole route by cab by covering places enroute.


Safari covering - Billing, Channa, Raj Gundha, Kukkar Gundha, Ghatse ka Bridge, Organic farms, Badagran, Water-powered floor mill, Nahlota, Kothikod, Barot


Reach back Bir by evening.


Adventure Ends.


You can experience this trip from Lat week of March to mid December.







rajgundha and Barot safari trip