Sky Cycling in Bir Billing.

15 to 30 min sky cycling in Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh.

Sky Cycling Activity in Bir Billing.

Activity.Sky cycling for 15 to 30 min.
Height. at 50 meters high trek.
Duration.takes 30 mis to complete.
Meeting point.Camp or Reach Sky cycling point at Gunaid village. Extra charges if pick up required.
Timing.morning 1000 hrs to 1800 hrs..
Transportation.Not transport included, you can book pick and drop as well.
Guide.Trained Instructor for Sky cycling.
Age Limit for Activity Sky Cycling.Minimum age is 14 years and Maximum 45 years.
Weight Limit.Maximum weight is 80 kg.
View.located near famous waterfall of Gunaid, Cafe’s, Maggi points and restaurant near by.
Per Person price for Bunjee Jump.INR 2500/-.

Meet us at Sky Cycling and Bunjee Jumping point .


Time to Start is 1000 hrs till 1800 hrs .


Meet Guide and get instructions.


Be ready before activity and gear up for activity.


Activity takes 15 to 30 min.


Leave and Reach at your stay and relax


Adventure Ends!

Sky cycling and Bunjee Jumping
Sky cyling and Bunjee Jumping
Sky cycling in adventure activity
Sky cycling and Bunjee Jumping
Sky cycling and Bunjee Jumping
Sky cycling in Bir Billing