Camp Oak View and Travel Bir Billing Welcomes you to Paragliding Capital of Asia, Travel Bir Billing is leading expert Team for paragliding in Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh


Professional paragliding pilots of Travel Bir Billing provides guests a stunning tandem paragliding flight experience over Bir Billing valley at the Aero sport adventure capital of Asia. Experience bird eye view and flying like a bird over beautiful valley and forest with view of snow covered peak of Himalaya’s at backdrop.

Come fly with Travel Bir Billing and part of experience.

Bir is one of the famous para-glide spot in world and best destination of Asia and India. Bir is for joy rides, competitions and commercial flying.

Paragliding Teams in Bir Billing

Many paraglider operators in Bir for commercial flying. Few operators are top pilots of India, few are Glider owners, few are instructors.
If you choose paragliding Team please careful with the operator for your safe paragliding experience.

Best Team here in Bir are as below:-
Arvind Paul – Best pilot of India and Instructor.
Ajay Kumar- Good ranking Instructor.
Sanjay Singh – Pilot and operator.

We operate with Travel Bir Billing Team for Paraglidng – Chief Flying Instructor – Arvind Paul.

Best trained and experienced pilots, proper checked equipment, licence pilots – Training regular basis with Mr. Arvind Paul – Chief Flying Instructor – Travel Bir Billing.

Trip Advisor for Flying with Travel Bir Billing

Paragliding Flight Experience at Bir Billing.

Activity of paraglide is joyride in which no previous knowledge or training required for paragliding. Required information given by paraglide pilot at the beginning of paraglide at take off point.

Photography & Video by GOPRO.

All the paraglide pilots have GOPRO camera with them, they make video of your fligh in air in two clips – one is take off off and one is landing or air time during your tandem paraglide. The pilot provide about 10-15 photos and one or two video clips for airborne flight experience. Pilots transfer your video and photos to you in your smart phone which you can show to you family and friends. Joy ride paraglide session of 10 to 15 minute costs INR 1500/-. INR 200 for photographs and INR 500/- for GOPRO video. Photographs and video’s are optional not compulsory.

Paraglide Flying Sites.

• Bir – Paraglide landing area at 4700 feet from sea level
• Billing – Paraglide take off point is 8000 feet from sea level.
• Bir and Billing are at 18 km apart from each other and well connected with road,
Things to Bring for Paraglide session in Bir Billing.
• Proper sports shoes
• Clothing as per season.
• Gloves for winter, wind proof jacket, full long pants and sun glasses.
• Voucher of Booking.
• Spirit of adventure and good mood

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